Kamis, Agustus 04, 2011

HP's most expensive

 hy my friend in this post I want you know about the world's most expensive phone, I also do not know what the heck made ​​ni expensive,
have a direct yes we'll see where the hell yea rich hp costly

Rate translation

Vertu Signature Cobra = $ 310,000 = £ 3.72 billion
Vertu again kicked off the world with the Signature Cobra, which was designed by Boucheron. With only 8 units are made, you should quickly order it. Cobra is adorned with a diamond is cut like a pear, a round diamond, two emerald eyes and 439 ruby. If still overpriced economical version which may also not have his $ 115,000 = ruby IDR1.380.000.000

GoldVish "Le million" = $ 1,000,000 = £ 1.2 E +10
Very unreliable. Surely they also do not expect to sell any of the GoldVish "Le million" is. Even its price is rumored to have risen to $ 1.3 jt. Le million wrapped with grade diamond carat VVS-1120, no wonder the price is very unreasonable. There is also economical version with a more reasonable price, $ 25,600 = £ 307,200,000

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