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hp nokia

hello my friends all the posts I want to give a neighbor news nokia's most expensive in the world, in Indonesia there are a lot of hp but the Indonesian people choose hp china at cheap prices but its model steadily while the quality is lacking, so if we choose its best hp hp just because in addition to quality and a lot of applications that can go into nokia,, nokia can we make a modem to surf. well below its hp
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Again, a luxury mobile phone produced, possibly because the wealthy are quite interested in this super-expensive stuff. Nokia Supreme, thus its name, is labeled as Nokia's most expensive dunia.Label it seems legitimate because Nokia Supreme sells for U.S. $ 160,000 or approximately USD 1.6 billion. Only mobile phone manufacturer Nokia is not artificial, but rather designed by British designer, Stuart Hughes who is specializing gush mewah.Sebenarnya gadgets, Nokia Nokia 8800 Arte Supreme is dressed exclusively by a variety of jewelry. This is what makes banderolnya membumbung.Dilansir UnwiredView and quoted on Wednesday (13/1/2010), Nokia Supreme are made with special materials. The body, among others, is decorated with a sprinkling of diamond grains in 1225. Also pinned gram.Seperti 83 regular platinum, Stuart Hughes provides the Nokia luxury only in very limited editions. Only 3 units of mobile phones are sold via his website. Previously, the designers have created a luxury edition of gadgets like the iPhone and iPod.
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