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Apple iPhone 5

hy friends met again at my blog, this time I would love the title of my post about the new iPhone, surely we all know what it is i Phone,, the iPhone includes sophisticated goods such as computers / laptops iPhone already spread in various countries like in our country own,

yes it may already exist in Indonesia is not as sophisticated as the iPhone but the iPhone-the iPhone is in abroad .. there's most recent iPhone Apple iPhone Apple iPhone 5 5 newest Newest Review Photo 2011 Â? Indonesia latest news information 2011.
Apple iPhone 5 will be released this year, has been in isukan over the globe. And let's look at Apple's iPhone seditit penjelasa of 5 New 2011 Photo Review below.
apple iphone apple iphone 5 5 As WWDC approaches and more developers are getting first hand experience with the upcoming iPhone 5. Looks like Apple has made an important point to prevent the chaos that plagued the release date rumors of the iPhone should have a white 4. 
 Apple has just given some initial specifications for five new iPhone will be available June 26 at 5:00 pm. Apparently the new device will sport dual-core chip with some improvement of the A5 in the second version of the iPad.  
The new chip will be capable of not only good for 3G CDMA and GSM, but will also include the band in 1700 after AT & T finalized its acquisition of T-Mobile next month. Along with the Samsung (the manufacturer A5) have been purposely leaked that the iPhone 5 A5 processor will also be able to access Verizon and AT & T future LTE infrastructure.
Some other interesting specification that comes out of Cupertino is that the iPhone 5 will no longer susceptible to scratches that are so common with the design of the previous iPhone, especially the back-glass iPhone 4. Physical design is similar to the 2 iPad, a very thin device with a curved support. Apple's new material has been developed that are still patent pending is a titanium-coated tungsten, which will be used for the back of the iPhone 5.  
These titanium coated tungsten-not only would add a scratch-resistant casing is almost invulnerable, but also will be strong and lightweight. Apple also has to explain to developers that the screen of the iPhone 5 will be larger at 4 inches and is also covered with a silicon carbide super hard almost as hard as a natural diamond. 5 The new iPhone is also said to have been eliminated iDevice connection port that has been synonymous with the iPod, iPad, and brand the iPhone for about 10 years now.  
iPhone 5 no longer be attached to the device to play music or sync. Apple calls the new wireless charging / synchronization enhancements Â? IDapterÂ? that will be available to consumers as a separate product. New apple iphone apple iphone 5 5 Latest photos 5 photos apple apple iphone apple iphone iphone 5 5 2011 5 2011 apple iphone apple iphone apple iphone 5 New 2011 New 2011 5 5 2011 Latest Apple Iphone

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