Rabu, Juli 27, 2011

understanding Local Area network

Sob ok now we will learn to challenge a Lan ( local area network )
commonly abbreviated as Local area network LAN is a computer network whose network covers onlya small  area , such as smaller.
currently, most LANS based on lEE 802.3 ethernet tecnology using a switch device,
which has a data tranfer speed 10. 000 , or 1000 Mbit/s. in addition to ethernet tecnology , the current 802.11 b tecnology (or so-called wifi) is also often used to form a called wifi hotspot.
On a LAN , each node or computer has the computing power of its own , different from the concept of teminal dump, each computer can also access resources on the LAN in  accordence can be data or device such as printer ,
On a LAN a user can also communicate with another user by using the appropriate aplication,
in contrest to wide area network or wide area network (WAN) ,
then the LAN has the following characteristics:
  • has a higher data rapidly
  • convers a narrower geographical area
  • does not require leased telecommunication line from telecom operator
usuly one of the computer on the network computer that will use the servers that manage all system within network.

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